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EU Safety Data Sheet

The REACH regulation stipulates that an EU safety data sheet must be compiled for each substance for which registration is required. This data sheet provides control authorities within the EU, as well as buyers of your substances and/or mixtures, with safety-related information such as, for example, chemical composition, possible hazards, labelling, storage, transport and disposal. The important thing is that the data in the EU safety data sheet and the safety data in your registration dossier be in complete agreement with each other. Hence it would make sense, both economically and otherwise, to assign REACHECK the additional task of compiling the EU safety data sheet when a registration is being prepared.

There can also be various other tasks, beyond the compilation of the safety data sheet, for which you could be responsible:

  • Translations of your safety data sheets into the languages of the EU countries in which your products are marketed, possibly with differing country regulations and threshold values;
  • Arrangements for ensuring a competent person can always be reached through the emergency telephone number stated in each safety data sheet, possibly in different countries.
  • Annexes of an exposure scenario
  • Ongoing updates of the safety data sheets
  • Transmission of the data sheets to your commercial market partners
  • Compliance with special transport regulations, selection of packaging in conformity with the applicable law and correct labelling of this packaging.

Insofar as you do not wish to take care of these tasks yourself, we would be glad to render this service for you to the extent that you require.

National notifications / poison information

An emergency telephone number must be stated in each EU safety sheet.

In cases of poisoning, one can obtain information quickly about immediate measures at this number. The persons who answer the national poison emergency telephones access, among other things, the information of the national poison information databases.

In Germany, these databases are administered by the “Bundesinstitut für Risikoforschung” (BfR; “Federal Institute for Risk Research”). In the interests of protecting consumers against health risks, the manufacturers, importers and sellers of certain product groups are under the obligation to notify the BfR of the formulas of these products.

Such poison information databases also exist in other European countries or are under construction there.

REACHECK OR will take care of this for you

First we check whether your products are subject to the notification requirement or, if they are not, whether it would be sensible to notify them anyway voluntarily. If you wish, we can assume responsibility for these notifications as well as for updating formulas in poison information databases in the European marketing countries that are relevant for you.


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